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TGS Main Block Sketch from 1953 MagTGS Front Entrance

Welcome to the Takapuna Grammar Digital Archives


Welcome to Recollect TGS, Takapuna Grammar School’s digital archive site.

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We hope you enjoy reminiscing and reconnecting with TGS.

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2017 BadmintonTGS Front Entrance2006 Basketball Open Boys2010 SailingTGS's First DayDrama2014 Badminton2017 Sailing Team2019 TGS Finale DunedinDramaDrama2011 Badminton2002 BadmintonDramaDrama2010 Badminton Girls Squad2016 BadmintonChannel Magazine - August 20192006 Badminton Boys & GirlsBig Band 2019Drama2007 Badminton2017 Sailing Duo2011 Sailing2003 Badminton2001 BadmintonDrama2012 Badminton2000 Yachting2008 BadmintonTGS Main Block Sketch from 1953 Mag2006 Sailing Team2005 Badminton SeniorDramaMary Nixon2014 Sailing2004 Yachting Auckland ChampionsDrama 2004 Badminton Senior2009 Badminton2018 Sailing2005 Sailing Team2018 Badminton Mixed TeamTGS 4 Tech 1963 Les Hoods ClassSome Takapuna Grammar boys at papakura camp NCO TU Big Band 2019DramaDramaConcert Band 2019

About Us

The TGS story began in 1857 when planning for the new Grammar School on the North Shore of Auckland began. We are now digitally capturing this rich history, tracing the footsteps of alumni through the years and delivering it to you for your enjoyment. Our key objective is to create a repository in which past and current students, teachers and their families can visit to reminisce and reconnect through the photos, articles and stories of the many generations that have and will become part of the story.