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Welcome Alumni

This is your page where we celebrate the achievements of past students via the Distinguished Alumni Highlights, remember important events via the Celebrations & Events tab, or  browse lists of our high-achieving students via the Honours Board button. 

Takapuna Grammar School has always had a strong commitment to developing well-rounded students with good values who give back to their community.

Many alumni have made their mark here in New Zealand and around the world contributing expertise and energy to a wide range of endeavours.

They demonstrate the values and qualities that have been an important part of the school’s culture from the start and continue to be today. Striving to achieve your personal best, service to others and humility are keystones of Takapuna Grammar School.

These notable alumni inspire those coming next to do their best and contribute to making the world better.

We plan to further develop this section of Recollect TGS, where we feature further details on the life and achievements of our Notable Alumni. Once we have re-connected with our Notable Alumni and have their approval to feature their achievements, we look forward to sharing this additional information with you.

We hope you enjoy finding friends and family and staying in touch with your alumni network! If you would like a copy of any photo on this site, please email us by clicking here. We are sure many alumni will enjoy browsing through the many photos from the 90th Anniversary that you can find on Recollect TGS.  We now look forward to planning for the 100-year Anniversary!

Likewise, if you’d like more information on fundraising projects or other ways you can support the school, please reference the fundraising projects tab on this site, or click here.



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